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Dec 6, 2022

Have you progressed beyond the dark ages of stodgy, antiquated law practice? If you're listening to this show, I bet you have, but has your service delivery fully embraced the current experience economy? What does that even mean?

Our guest, Joe Pine, is here to explain. Joe is a distinguished author, speaker, and management advisor. We focus our talk largely around his influential book, The Experience Economy, and what that means for law firm owners.

As our economy has shifted from a simple commodity-based one to a much more refined experience-based economy, our offerings and service delivery must change. Joe explains the five tenets that should guide your offerings in the modern economy. You should be:

1. Robust
2. Cohesive
3. Personal
4. Engaging
5. Transformative 

That final step, transformation, is crucial. You need to be defining the outcome of the experience and how you change your clients' situations.

Joe explains each step in detail, and gives examples of how you can employ each one in your firm. 

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