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Aug 3, 2021

You don't have the time or luxury of slowly getting new employees up to speed. You owe it to yourself and your firm to get new hires trained efficiently.

This week, Matt Gjertsen joins us - he's a former U.S. Air Force instructor pilot and Manager of Training and Development for SpaceX who's founded Better Every Day Studios, focused on transforming how companies view learning and development.

We discuss the best ways to leverage your existing employees (and their existing institutional knowledge) to quickly and effectively train your new employees. Learning by osmosis doesn't work, and people are changing companies, jobs, and careers more often than ever. We cover:

Bringing top performers out of rotation to train the new people

How to impart knowledge to someone, and prioritize this training

Ways to Incentivize and certify top performers to be trainers

Learning in the flow of work - YouTube style

Finding the time to design your training systems

Focusing on the behaviors that produce certain results

Using the right environmental context for training

Stick around til the end for Matt's one big tip for training!

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