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Jul 16, 2021

How do we integrate new tech in a way that improves the experience for clients and makes it easier for you and your employees to serve your clients?

Colin Levy is a legal technologist and former in-house attorney who explains how not all technology, even legal-specific tech, is appropriate for every practice. Tech can be a distraction and a roadblock to service if it's a bad fit or poorly integrated. We all get the lure of shiny objects--so we need to avoid that. 

Understanding your people and processes is the key to making the right choices about new technology. Also consider not just the monetary cost of a tool, but the time cost and learning curve involved in the setup and integration, which can be deceivingly costly and distracting to your practice.

There's so much to think about and absorb here, and it's more relevant than ever, as firms continue to innovate and employ technology post-pandemic. 

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