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Jul 8, 2021

Is your practice going to be replaced by robots? Should we run screaming away from the impending tech overlords?

This week, we're talking with Joshua Lenon, the Lawyer-in-Residence at Clio.

Earlier this year, Joshua reviewed dozens of new legal technology options across various categories, looking for the best of what's coming next. When we recorded, he hadn't published those reviews yet, so we didn't get into specifics in our interview, but he sheds light on the general trends of new legal tools, including integrated suites that create a seamless ecosystem that you'll be using in the near future.

But if you're listening to this, you know it's not just the technology that clients come for - we are more than the middleman that knows how to use a particular piece of tech.

We'll discuss the human element of applying legal tech and how we should should pick tools that enable us top better serve our clients, both the average clients and the exceptional ones.

Finally, we'll examine how to approach integrating new tech into your practice, and how to evaluate whether a product is a good fit or even necessary. 

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