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Nov 1, 2022

Before we dive deeper into what service is, let's take a look at what service ISN'T. I like to classify these distractions, marketing ploys, and wow-factor missteps as Red Herrings. This is something that you give to your client that doesn't actually move the needle for them.
Your law firm isn't a procurement agent, so don't buy stuff for clients that they didn't need as a part of your service.

The misconception we've got to address here is that great service means great gifts, or over the top moments of shock and surprise. Or that you have to wow a big client with fancy touches and palatial offices. It's just not true.
I'll walk through a handful of common red herrings that come up in the legal field, and differentiate service from marketing (marketing is okay too!) from flat-out wasted money and time.
Closing exercise: Examine your firm's red herrings and eliminate the things that aren't moving the needle for your clients or your bottom line.
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