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Aug 2, 2022

We're on a brief break while we gear up for Season 2 of FSC, but we still want to give you something to think about (or revisit) in the mean time, especially if you missed it the first time around.

Paul Kortman details out the process for turning your inbound leads into actionable data in this super-valuable chat.


Not all leads are created equal. What if you could use technology and data to qualify, predict, and automatically parse out the bad from the good from the great potential clients? With a combination of human sense, digital data, and a little bit of setup, you can have a powerful, time-saving system for scoring your leads.

Friend of the show and automation expert Paul Kortman returns to explain the concept of lead scoring, and how lawyers can use their existing client management systems and marketing platforms to create valuable analytics. 

Find Paul at or @namtroK on Twitter.

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