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Apr 19, 2022

This week, we're once again taking a look back at the last nine episodes of the show, recapping the main points, and adding a little more perspective and discussion.

We've had such great guests, and want to really sink these lessons and takeaways in, and give you a chance to hear the main points on any episodes you might have missed.

81. The Art of Email Delegation w/ Lizzy Brooks
82. Email Delegation for Attorneys w/ Maddy Martin, Jess Birken, and Tyson Mutrux
83. Finding Your Email Solutions w/ Jess Birken
84. Delivering Real Value with Subscriptions w/ Jonathan Tobin
85. Going Solo and Thriving with Your Practice w/ Carolyn Elefant
86. Tech Trends You Shouldn't Spend Money On (Yet) w/ Jess Birken and Jared Correia
87. Building the Data-Driven Law Firm w/ Ed Walters
88. FSC Live from ABA TECHSHOW!
89. The Consumerization of Legal w/ Kim Bennett

As we mention at the end of the episode, if you have questions for our upcoming Q&A, please send those our way at or on any of our social channels!


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