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Jul 27, 2021

What kind of questions are you asking in your interviews? Do you know what are you even looking for?

This week, we're chatting with Davis Nguyen. Davis is a former consultant and founder of My Consulting Offer, where he coaches recent graduates and students on how to get through the interview and promotion process at...

Jul 20, 2021

Is your website god's gift to legal world? Perfect in every way? I'm gonna bet there's at least a *little* room for improvement, if not a lot. You could be leaving a lot of deals on the table, and passing on a ton of revenue by not optimizing your site for conversions. Our guest this week gives us some simple changes...

Jul 16, 2021

How do we integrate new tech in a way that improves the experience for clients and makes it easier for you and your employees to serve your clients?

Colin Levy is a legal technologist and former in-house attorney who explains how not all technology, even legal-specific tech, is appropriate for every practice. Tech can...

Jul 13, 2021

How can we delegate and distribute more work off our plate so that things get done faster and more consistently?

This week, we're talking with Sam Mollaei. He has started and currently runs seven virtual law firms, outsourcing work without the massive overhead.

He's also served over 7,000 legal clients gathering over...

Jul 8, 2021

Is your practice going to be replaced by robots? Should we run screaming away from the impending tech overlords?

This week, we're talking with Joshua Lenon, the Lawyer-in-Residence at Clio.

Earlier this year, Joshua reviewed dozens of new legal technology options across various categories, looking for the best of...