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Jan 30, 2021

As lawyers, we strive for perfection in our work - details are crucial to our practice - but in running a business, the perfect is often the enemy of the good. This is especially true with marketing our businesses, where experimentation and a willingness to try new things can really set you apart and deliver results....

Jan 26, 2021

Jack Newton and George Psiharis spend a lot of time thinking about the future of the legal profession – as CEO and COO of Clio, it drives what they do and directs their company goals. John spoke to them both on the heels of the recent Clio Cloud Conference about the future of the tech/service dynamic.

We discuss...

Jan 25, 2021

It's hard to know where to start improving your business sometimes. This week, we'll build on our Four Stages of Business, and help you figure out where to focus your efforts based on what stage you're at. We'll also tackle how you need to tailor your actions for appropriate risk and ROI, with client service in mind.

Jan 4, 2021

The lawyer mindset makes attorneys great at their jobs - questioning, pessimistic, risk-averse - but it can make for huge roadblocks to building a successful firm and innovative client service. Moshe Amsel of Profit With Law and The Law Firm Growth Summit joins to discuss this mindset and how we can reject...