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Jan 20, 2023

There's a common misconception and fear we see in attorneys. Attorneys can fall prey to thinking that becasue they're well-paid and well-respected, they don't need to think about making their service better. Many risk-averse, pessimist, perfectionist attorneys simply fear the potential failure that comes with change and growth.
Neither of these is a good reason to avoid thinking about improvement. This episode, we discuss the ways you can approach gradual improvement, how to identify what needs to be improved, and how to get yourself started. 
We'll even tell you how you can save a bundle in consulting fees!
Closing Exercise: Ask yourself, "What can we do better?"
  1. What do you see out in the world that you've enjoyed? How can you implement or translate that to your own service?
  2. When do you ask employees for improvement suggestions?
  3. When do you ask clients for improvement suggestions?
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