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Jan 11, 2023

Now that you have addressed your standards, and you've implemented processes that should lead to those standards being met, how do you make sure your firm is hitting your standards on an ongoing basis?
Standards won't do much for you if they're never being met. I'll walk through the ways you can think about consistency in your service, ways to measure and track consistent service, and even what do when someone is regularly missing the mark or if your standard is just too lofty to begin with.
You'll constantly be testing, measuring, and tweaking your service, with an aim to be as consistent as possible, and to deliver the same high standards, day in and day out.
Closing Exercise: How do you test yourself? We're setting up the secret shopper program. 
  1. What could be tested? 
  2. How often will you be testing? 
  3. What will you do to be sure that people know and execute? 
  4. Determine training and scoring methods.
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