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Jun 21, 2022

Why do we attend legal conferences? What makes a great conference? Where do we find the most value? How can we make the most of legal conferences and how do we make the mediocre ones better?

After a couple recent conferences, I got to talking with friend of the show, Mike Whelan, about what makes bad conferences bad, and makes great conferences great.

We all know that designed learning sessions can sometimes be a waste, and the current CLE system is pretty broken.

Sometimes it's hard to even remember why you're at a conference in the first place! 

But networking and community are still a huge value source from conferences, especially post-pandemic lockdown. Making and strengthening your connections, gaining knowledge, and learning together with colleagues makes the shared experience even more valuable.

Mike and I discuss how and why conferences are succeeding and failing, and what organizers and attendees can do to ensure all the effort is worthwhile. 

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