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Apr 26, 2022

Do you come from a non-legal professional background? Wonder how you can build a practice that draws from that knowledge you have?

Our guest this week is Boyd Shepherd, founder of Legal Dental.

Boyd started his career as a dentist, and eventually transitioned to practicing law, focusing his specialty on helping dental professionals with their particular legal issues. Sitting in the Venn diagram overlap of attorneys and dental practice, he's found a successful niche practice, and has launched a repository of information and related paid courses designed exclusively for the dental profession.

Boyd tells us how he's structured his online courses as part of the Law Library, and how that’s making it easier to better engage with his specific clientele. This is not just a great bonus income stream, but one that cements Boyd as an expert in his particular niche.

Ultimately, this is a great case study on how you can come from a wildly different professional background, deeply specialize, and thrive as an attorney.

Find Boyd at, email him at, or give him a call at 832-788-4100. 


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