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Mar 29, 2022

How often do you make decisions based on a limited sample size? A hunch? A loose smattering of options and outcomes you've experienced?

It's time you start making your business and legal decisions based on hard data. Our guest this week, Ed Walters, is the founder and CEO of Fastcase, a legal intelligence company, and author of the book Data-Driven Law.

He joins to tell us how to get started and go from anecdotes to anec-data.

We discuss how you can start using data that's currently available to start making better-informed decisions, win more cases, and attract more clients.

Data can even provide a new class of legal services, growing the entire market for legal services, and reduce the risk your firm and clients take. We even discuss what AI is likely to bring to the practice of law.

This is a fascinating interview, and one that could change the way you practice, for the better.

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