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Mar 15, 2022

Are you toying with the idea of going solo, but scared to take the leap? How do you know when it's time? How do you know where to start? How you do effectively serve your clients and run a business by yourself?

Our guest this week is Carolyn Elefant, and she's a guru for lawyers ready to start their own practice. She's the author of "Solo By Choice," which is being re-pressed and founder of, a resource guide for solo attorneys.

Carolyn and I dive into our respective journeys into going solo and breaking out of the big firm paradigms. Going solo is about creating something that custom fits your strengths and goals, and at the same time creating a better, more dedicated client experience and better access to justice.

We talk about a range of challenges, like how to create frictionless client experiences, getting the ideal client to self-select, and controlling your own hours, pricing, and sanity. We also cover the tools and systems we use to stay successful - virtual assistants, tech tools, and a great team.

Ultimately, it's all about the freedom to create the kind of practice you want, and the myriad ways you can shape that and be set up for success.

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