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Mar 8, 2022

Could you be making more money with a subscription service? Possibly, but how do you create one tailored to your client base? How do we make sure we're delivering value for subscribing clients?

Our guest this week is Jon Tobin, founder of Counsel For Creators, where he helps creative businesses on legal matters involving intellectual property, technology, or the arts. Counsel for Creators is centered around an affordable subscription program, with more specific legal services offered from there.

We know that subscription-style legal services can work in a large variety of practice areas, but how do we actually deliver value for those subscribing clients? How do we price it right and set it up to make sense for the firm? It's not just mailbox money - you need to make it worthwhile for everyone.

Jon has a ton of experience and success in the subscription world, and he shares a lot of tips and lessons he's learned along the way.

Find Jon at, on Instagram @counselforcreators, or Twitter at 


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