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Feb 22, 2022

How do lawyers get started with an email-focused assistant? How do we overcome the biggest personal mental roadblocks to handing off those reins? What’s stopping YOU from doing this today?
This week’s episode is a little different than normal - it’s episode two in our three-episode series on outsourcing email. I took part in a panel discussion hosted by our friend Maddy Martin at Smith AI, focused on how to integrate a virtual email assistant. I’m joined by attorneys Jess Birken and Tyson Mutrux.
Our discussion gets to the heart of the unique challenges attorneys face with regards to email and communication in general. It’s tough to let go of that control, but as we discuss in last week’s episode, the benefits are tremendous.
Our panel discusses how to ensure consistency with an assistant, how to find, train, and get started with your assistant, and even how to address confidentiality and security issues.
I’m a fan of everyone involved here, and I think our discussion is very worthy of your time. Let’s get to it.

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