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Feb 15, 2022

Are you spending half your day replying to emails? Are you staring at a big red number in the thousands on your email app? How can you possibly get your emails under control and even off your plate?

Emails are robbing you of your valuable time, and though it sounds impossible, you really can delegate and hand most of that work off to an assistant.

This episode is the first in a three-part series of episodes focused on email delegation.

To get us started, our guest this week is Lizzy Brooks, the founder of Virtually Brooks, a virtual assistant agency that specializes in taking all that email work off your plate.

We discuss the art of email delegation, and the challenges many folks find in getting started. It may be hard to let go of that control, especially when you're being addressed directly in an email, but the fact is, so much of email is task-related, and really can be outsourced. It takes a little time to get set up, and for your assistant to learn your voice and your business, but the amount you can save could be hours a day.

We discuss how to get started, the processes and procedures you need in place, and how to tailor an email assistant to you, so you can be focused on your highest and best use.

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