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Feb 1, 2022

This week, we take a look back at the last nine episodes of the show, recap the main points, and give a little more perspective and discussion. We've had such great guests, and want to really sink these lessons and takeaways in. Join us for some quick-hitting breakdowns and service wisdom.

We break the episodes down thusly.

Workflow/Management/Employee Ops

70. Nailing Your Interview and Hiring Process w/ Molly McGrath
71. Training Your Staff for Tech Proficiency w/ Alicia Pierre
73. The Eight Layers of Legal Cybersecurity w/ Tom Lambotte
76. Reimagining Your Workplace for the New Normal w/ Anthony Davies

Business and Sales Ops
72. Growth Strategies Without Going Crazy w/ David Heinemeier Hansson
74. Optimizing for Google My Business w/ Paul Cashman and Wes Lungwitz
75. Perfecting Your Holistic Sales Process w/ Allison Williams
77. Utilizing Webinars to Land Your Ideal Clients w/ Paul Yokabitus

78. Five Star Counsel Coaching Session w/ Greg Steele


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