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Jan 18, 2022

Are you curious about using webinars to attract clients? How do you get started? What's the right path for you and your firm?

Paul Yokabitus is our guest this week. Paul is the founder of Cary Estate Planning and Planwell Legal, where he practices Estate Planning law. Paul took what was looking like a disastrous downturn at the start of the pandemic, and turned it into a well-oiled client acquisition machine using webinars and lead-gen advertising.

Paul and I discuss how you can use webinars to attract the best possible clients for your firm, and how to get them signed up for your services. Paul details his journey into using webinars, how long it took get it up and running, and his iterative optimization process.

We cover reasons why your in-person presentations might not translate correctly for the webinar format. We get into the nuts and bolts of webinars: how to engage with the audience, how to time your webinars, how to experiment with format and ads, and perfecting your CTAs at the end. We even get into differentiation tactics that you can separate these all leads into.

These are very widely applicable tips that can be used for all kinds of practice areas, and I think you'll be really interested in hearing them. 


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