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Jan 11, 2022

Is your office culture non-existent in a post-pandemic world? Are you struggling with a hybrid, virtual and in-person, work arrangement? How do you create a working environment that suits the new normal?

I think most of our listeners understand that the new expectation for many workers in the U.S. is a higher level of work flexibility, in both time and location. It's your job, and your prerogative as a business owner, to determine how much flexibility you can offer and what setup matches your firm's values and culture.

Our guest this week is Anthony Davies, Chief Revenue Officer at Forrest Solutions, where he follows outsourcing and staffing trends in the legal field, and consults on office processes and staffing arrangements for the modern law firm. Anthony gives us some macro trends he's seeing, and some real-life examples that Forrest Solutions is implementing in larger firms.

We discuss a wide range of office and staffing issues facing today's legal industry. We really focus on how to reimagine and restructure the workspace to fit the new flexible workweek, and how to do it in offices built for traditional 5-day workweeks. We discuss in-office incentives and perks, and ways to arrange and schedule the office to make it inviting and productive for your employees.

In the end, this is about service to your staff, which ultimately serves your clients well too.

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