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Dec 28, 2021

Is your sales process structured? Do you even have a sales process? How can a sales process affect your overall client service?

Allison Williams of Law Firm Mentor joins us this week to discuss just that. Law Firm Mentor provides coaching services for solo and small law firms, and one of her specialties is perfecting their sales process.

We've talked before about the importance of this process, and I love how Allison breaks it down in two parts: intake then consultation. We discuss where to start training intake staff and handing off those responsibilities. Again, it comes down to process. Then once you get to the consultation, it's about understanding the underlying issue your client needs solving, and ultimately, how you'll deliver the results they need.

What I want you to walk away with is an understanding of how having a structured sales process leads to a better relationship with your clients. It helps set the expectations and norms, endears you to the client, lets you really understand their true needs, and sets you up as the expert.

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