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Nov 24, 2021

Is every member of your staff on the same level when it comes to tech proficiency? Is it possible that you actually *losing* efficiency by employing tech?

This week, we're joined by Alicia Pierre of Legally Techie, who specializes in legal-focused tech training.

We want to get a lot out of our tech tools, but a lack of competence and a lack of training can lead to wasted time and wasted effort.

There are so many built-in features that firms simply overlook. And on the other hand, firms can also fall prey to duplicating tech. Alicia and I discuss how to avoid these pitfalls with tech training.

We discuss how to assess your firm's need for tech training, how to structure and start that training, templates and naming conventions for files, and even time management techniques for using your tech.

Ultimately, we shouldn't let the tail wag the dog where new tech is concerned, and we need to have our goals, our training, and our processes aligned before we employ tech in our workflows.

Find out more about Legally Techie at and find Alicia on LinkedIn at and Twitter at


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