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Nov 16, 2021

Do you want to know how to make your job postings pop? How do you weed through a sea of applicants and land that dream employee? How do we make the hiring process better and easier for law firms?

Our guest this week is Molly McGrath of Hiring & Empowering Solutions. For nearly 25 years, she's coached and consulted law firms to get the best results from their hiring efforts.

Molly gives us a ridiculous number of tips and tricks to level up your hiring & interviewing game. Seriously, it might be a record for a Five Star Counsel episode. We cover how to approach the job posting itself, what information to put out there, how to set expectations on the interview process, and ultimately how to attract the ideal new employee for your firm.

Learn more about Hiring and Empowering at and find Molly on Twitter at and LinkedIn at


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