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Oct 26, 2021

Is your firm's efficiency still being judged by hours logged? Are your firm's flexibility policies still resulting in micromanagement and long hours? How can we get out of this paradigm of management by clock?

Our guest, Jody Thompson, is the founder of CultureRx and creator of the Results-Only Work Environment or ROWE - a management strategy anchored in 100% accountability and 100% autonomy for employees.

This is a mindshift in how we work with our employees and how to get the most out of them, where results are all that matter, and you're managing the work, not the people, and not their time. 

Jody has a fantastic outlook on how we should measure our employee's success, and why hours worked aren't a badge of honor, especially if they aren't delivering on the company's goals.

We discuss ways to start to implement this mindset into your firm and get buy-in from employees by tying the employees to the outcome and purpose of the company. 

Find more about ROWE at and Jody on Twitter at or LinkedIn at


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