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Oct 19, 2021

How much do you earn every year from referrals? What if you could dramatically increase that number with some simple steps?

Our guest this week is Stacey Brown Randall, Referral Ninja Master, and creator of the Referrals Without Asking strategy. Her program is designed to generate referrals without asking, without manipulation or feeling inauthentic.

We discuss the finer points of this strategy, and how to make a consistent and easy process for us, our clients, and our referral sources. We define and differentiate terms like "referral" vs "word of mouth buzz" vs "introduction" vs "warm lead" - and why your response to each should be different.

Referral clients are vetted, easier to close, and have that transfer of trust from the referral source, so we should put extra effort into maintaining those referral relationships. 

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