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Oct 5, 2021

Are you fearing a new future where big tech companies push you out of business? Where the Amazon of legal services makes you obsolete? My guest and I are here to tell you to put those fears to bed.

Conrad Saam is the founder of Mockingbird Marketing, an agency focused on marketing for the legal industry. He previously spent 6 years running marketing for Avvo, and he really gets the role big tech and automation can and will play in the legal services market.

Conrad joins us this week to discuss the future of big tech in the legal space. Since seeing brands like LegalZoom actively enter the legal practice in Arizona, there are some alarm bells going off and lawyers fearing the Amazonification of law, and being made redundant and overpriced.

We discuss why these fears are unfounded, and how big tech can actually expand the whole market for legal services. Automated services can make the whole pie bigger, instead of just stealing your slice. We see parallels in the medical and even accounting industries proving just this. 

The sky isn't falling, but you may have to embrace new tech and really think about your differentiation tactics and unique value propositions.

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