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Sep 7, 2021

Does the term "Sales" make you shiver? Are lawyers, law firms, and legal services somehow above a lowly sales process? 

Sales is all about need fulfillment, and your clients have needs! That you can fulfill! You're not selling them on something they don't need, you're helping them solve their problem, or move their needle on an important issue. 

Steve Fretzin is here to explain why sales isn't, in fact, a four letter word, and why you don't need to play used car salesman. Steve runs Fretzin Inc., where he acts as a “business development therapist,” coaching and training lawyers in modern-day business development skills.

On this show, we talk all the time about how systems are key to keeping your firm running smoothly, and the sales, marketing, and biz dev side of your firm is no different. Steve delivers some tactics for approaching and setting up those systems, and some common missteps that he sees his lawyer clients making before they come to him.

Steve really wants you to email him your prospecting plan, which he'll review for free (listen around 19:00 in the show)! Email it to

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