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Aug 24, 2021

How much time could systems and processes save you every week? If one new program or app or template could save you 2 hours a week, would you use it?

Stacy Carlson is the Partner Manager at TextExpander, where she helps businesses consistent communicate smarter and faster across all their channels. She focuses on systems and processes, and is a self-proclaimed productivity nerd.

We really dive into our own philosophies and approaches for implementing and setting up new processes and productivity tech.

This requires a  detailed look at how your business currently runs, from unlocking the office door, to answering the phones, to writing a deposition for a client, to asking for payment. 

There are ways to drastically compress the time these tasks take, and it's more than just using TextExpander or any other app - it's about assessing your current systems, and implementing small, gradual changes to find that optimum workflow.

It's time to eliminate those repetitive, time-sucking tasks from your work life.

Stacy drops so much incredible time-saving knowledge on us - this is a can't-miss episode.

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Find Stacey at or on Twitter @Stacy_Carlson


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