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Aug 17, 2021

Do clients need to understand the process, terminology, and documents we're creating for them? Of course they do, and clients are much happier and less stressed when they understand what's going on. And, as a bonus, they appreciate us and the value what we bring to their situation. 

But how do we make it easier to explain and translate the specific info they need to know?

Tiffany Christianson is a corporate law attorney who had clients who didn't always understand everything she did for them--getting clients educated to make better decisions wasn't always easy. So she created a tool for attorneys to explaining documents to clients by secured screen recordings--it's now available as DocuPlayer. Tiffany is an emerging expert on attorney-client communication, challenging attorneys to demystify the law for clients to make our advice more useful and the experience of practicing law more rewarding.

We discuss how we can explain the primary pieces of our work in plain English to enable client understanding. We don't have to give a full legal education to take out the mystery for our clients. They just need to understand the nuts and bolts of the narrow slice of law that applies to their situation. 

This saves tons of time on both ends, clears up confusion for our clients, and leads to a happier, less-stressed client relationship.


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