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Jun 28, 2021

Are you a firm owner with feelings of burnout? Are you an attorney with work-life boundary issues? It's so common and easy for us attorneys to let our mental health take a backseat to our work and our businesses.

Dr. Sherry Walling helps smart people do hard things. She is a clinical psychologist, speaker, podcaster, angel investor, entrepreneur, yoga teacher, and mental health advocate. Her company, ZenFounder, provides mental health-related resources to leaders and entrepreneurs as they navigate transition, loss, conflict, or any manner of complex human experience. 

Sherry joins us to help navigate the mental pitfalls of legal entrepreneurship and practice. We discuss the subtle exhaustion, stress, and burnout that founder/owners experience, and the choices we make about boundaries and workload management.

There are ways to deal with the mental-health pain points of running your own firm and reset your approach in a healthy way, and Sherry delivers a lot of insight. These are incredibly important topics that affect every interaction of your business and certainly affect your client service. All that said, this conversation isn't a 30-minute slog - we keep it light and hopefully you connect with a lot of what we cover. I think you will.

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