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Jun 25, 2021

Does the idea of sitting before a state bar grievance panel sound like a fun time? About as much fun as a root canal or an IRS audit, right? But what can we do to help avoid grievances altogether, even from those high-maintenance clients?

Lisa Gonzalez is a defense attorney and Associate Judge who served as a member of the State Bar of Texas Grievance Panels.

We'll spend a few minutes going through the grievance process in Texas.  Now, you may not practice in Texas like me, but these lessons - and these pitfalls - are universal. Our focus here is on how to keep attorneys out of these problems, and we do that by documenting your work and operationalizing systems, allowing you to consistently deliver for your clients. 

And if you haven't listened to episode 6 with Meghan Zavieh, this is a good companion--we're going through the ethics process from the Bar's perspective this time. 

Elevating your level of service and communication to your clients will very often be your biggest source of protection against grievances.

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